Shifting Alliances in the Yemen War

After seven years of civil war, Yemen is once again witnessing new structural shifts. The rapid advance by Houthi forces in 2021 throughout territory along the old north-south border has produced consequences impacting relations between their rivals.

Yemeni Soldiers. The war in Yemen is seen by some as a war between Saudi Arabia and proxies of Iran.
Why so many Kurds are leaving Iraq`s KRG
Iraqi Kurds at Belarus-Poland Border

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has often been lauded as the island of stability, security and prosperity in an otherwise troubled country. But why do so many people seek to leave, even at tremendous financial costs and risk to their lives?

Local Media and the War in Yemen

Every actor engaged in the war in Yemen has deployed extensive networks of media outlets and journalists with the principal intent to shape public perceptions of the enemy, as the battle of narratives on the island of Socotra shows

Local Media and the War in Yemen
Interview with Galip Dalay on EU-Turkey relations
Interview with Galip Dalay on EU-Turkey relations

Turkey analyst Galip Dalay advocates for a crucial addition for EU-Turkey relations to improve – and to revive the accession process once again.

Drones and the War between Israel and the Hamas
Drones and the War between Israel and the Hamas

All attention is currently focused on the deployment of Hamas missiles and their defense by the Israeli Iron Dome system. In fact, however, Hamas already appears to be deploying a new, even more insidious weapon: Kamikaze drones.

Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen
State Fragmentation in Yemen

While the international community is discussing peace initiatives for Yemen, the situation on the ground continues to fragment. An overview of who is fighting whom and why in Yemen.

zenith-Briefing: Ein libysches Jahrzehnt
zenith Briefing on Libya and the Arab Spring

How did Libya’s society change during the last ten years? What are the prospects of a political consensus to stop the war? How do regional conflict and local dynamics in different parts of the country align?