How to make the Berlin Conference on Libya a success

Libya’s warring factions, and their international backers, converge on Berlin today in a bid to end the country’s latest civil war. Here’s what it takes for the conference to be a success.

Libysche Milizen auf Patrouille
Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis

In 2017, zenith’s editor-in-chief, Daniel Gerlach, met Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, “the Engineer” behind a prominent Iraqi paramilitary organisation, who was killed on 3 January by a US drone strike in Baghdad. Who was he and what drove him?

Der Mann, der an Soleimanis Seite starb
Drone Attacks against Saudi Aramco and the Role of Iran
Iran, Iraq and Israel and the US military in the Middle East

Amid great sighs of relief over the supposedly avoided escalation between the USA and Iran, an astonishing fact has been overlooked. America has a vulnerable flank.

The fight for Tripoli is in full swing
Turkey’s Intervention and the fight for the Libyan capital Tripoli

The fight for the Libyan capital enters a decisive phase. President Serraj has his back to the wall and it will probably fall to Turkey to save Europe’s partner from the enemy at the gates.

The war in Libya drags on
Tripoli under siege and the real cost of the Libyan war

As Haftar’s latest assault on the Libya capital enters a new phase, many Libyans have been killed, displaced and left mentally traumatised by a conflict which grinds on with no end in sight.

Interview zu Wirtschaft und Militär in Ägypten
Interview on Military and Economy in Egypt

Yezid Sayigh has spent many years closely examining the interdependence of the military and the economy in Egypt. He explains why investors are skating on thin ice putting their money into country and why the military is hiding in the TV market.