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Migration Camps in Libya
Photographer Ricardo García Villanova visited detention centres in Misrata, Libya which are home to many African migrants, both those who are trying to travel to Europe, and those who were rounded up after the revolution.
A migrant camp in Misrata.
The Ministry of Interior in downtown Tunis.
Corruption and the Elites

A leaked recording from a Tunisian business magnate revealed plans to smear I Watch, an anti-corruption NGO. Apart from bringing corruption into the public eye, it also emboldened I Watch, says its founder Achref Aoudi

Life On Board a Libyan Gun-Ship
Life on board the Assameeda may seem like a scene out of a stag party, but its crew is on the frontline in the fight against ISIS in Libya.
The gun ship
A Kurdish wedding
Syrian and Kurdish Émigrés in St Petersburg

Kurdish migrants in Saint Petersburg are watching the situation in the Middle East carefully, not least because a new influx of Syrian migrants could disrupt their settled way of life.

The NGO Watching Tunisian Politics

Watchdog al-Bawsala is a rare example of an NGO operating to bring transparency to political processes and engage ordinary citizens in a region wracked by government crackdowns.

Living Under ISIS Occupation in Iraq

As coalition forces in Iraq liberate towns and cities from ISIS, the toll of living under ISIS occupation for ordinary citizens is revealed.

Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to President Erdoğan.
The Journalist Who Stood Up to Erdoğan

Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to Turkey’s President Erdoğan. After imprisonment, a work ban and an assassination attempt, he had to leave Turkey. Exile in Berlin has opened up new opportunities.

U Kyaw Thien at his stall
The Struggle of Rohingya Exiles in Thailand

Few conflicts have shaken the Islamic world as deeply as the one surrounding the Rohingya, Myanmar’s Muslim minority. U Kyaw Thien and his wife escaped to Thailand – but had to leave more than their belongings behind.