Nigeria under Buhari after the presidential elections

The jihadist insurgency is still wreaking havoc in parts of Nigeria, with new security threats looming on the horizon. Yet voters in Africa’s most populous country made corruption and the state of the economy their priorities at the ballot box.

Nigeria under Bihari after the presidential elections
The gun ship
Instability in Libya and security threats for Tunisia

While Tunisia has struggled with its own security concerns and economic problems since the 2011 revolution, ongoing instability in Libya poses a continued threat.

Mass protests in Algeria ahead of presidential elections

Algerians are taking to the streets, calling for a withdrawal of President Bouteflika’s candidacy and a complete reform of the regime. How will the authorities react? Three possible scenarios ahead of Algeria’s crucial presidential elections.

Protests in Algeria
Interview with Elyakim Rubinstein on the Camp David Accords
Interview with Elyakim Rubinstein on the Camp David Accords

In 1978, Eljakim Rubinstein was a member of the Israeli delegation at Camp David when Sadat and Begin made peace. 40 years later, the former diplomat is still impressed by the willingness to compromise – and the last-minute efforts to save the deal.

Der sudanesische Präsident Omar Al-Baschir steht unter Druck
Anti-government protests in Sudan

As a protest-wave is shaking up Khartoum, the Sudanese journalist Magdi el-Gizouli explains the background of the riots and argues that a violent crack-down won't save the regime.

Zillur Rahman
Fake news and elections: Zillur Rahman on media and politics in Bangladesh

His daily political talk show is watched by millions of Bangladeshis every day. Renowned TV host Zillur Rahman about the upcoming elections, fake news, and a repressive new media law.

Interview on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar
Interview on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar

Hans-Bernd Zöllner, one of the leading researchers on Myanmar, warns that a lack of knowledge stands in the way of real progress in the Rohingya crisis. And he explains how to make sense of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s conflicting role.

Frescoes in the Syrian monastery Deir Mar Musa
Christianity and Freedom of Religion in the Middle East

Many countries in the Middle East allegedly guarantee freedom of religion as a constitutional right. In practice, this freedom is often nothing but illusory, as politicians simply override the judiciary.