The EU's Lebanon policy after the explosion in the port of Beirut

The EU needs to step up its long-term commitment in Lebanon after the Beirut explosion. Axel Müller has a few suggestions on what such a policy should entail.

Trucks dump earth and trash into the sea as part of the land reclamation process at the Bourj Hammond landfill in Beirut.
Interview with Syria expert Bassma Kodmani
Interview with Syria expert Bassma Kodmani

Syria expert Bassma Kodmani explains the recent conflict between Assad and his cousin Makhlouf – and calls on Europe to take advantage of Russia’s discontent with the Syrian regime.

interview barghuthi.jpg
Interview with Palestinian politician Mustafa Bargouti

In 2005 he was the only serious challenger to Mahmud Abbas. Mustafa Barghuthi explains to zenith why the constant postponement of elections weakens Ramallah's position - and why he calls Israel's Palestinian policy apartheid.

Interview with leading Fatah member Rawhi Fattouh

In 2005, Rawhi Fattouh oversaw the transition power following the death of Yasser Arafat. The leading Fatah politician tells zenith why Mahmoud Abbas’ succession has dragged on so long – and why Israel would be wise to accept the two-state solution.

Die EU, Wahlen und Sicherheit in Palästina
EU, Security and Elections in Palestine

What happened to all of last year’s talk surrounding a possible election date in Palestine? One its most fervent cheerleaders was the EU, but their ongoing securitised agenda in Palestine means that elections do not equate to democracy.