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Harassment in Egypt

Visual artist Sarah Seliman created a photography and documentary project about harassment of women in public spaces in Cairo; but it took a visit to Germany to reveal the difference in social gender perceptions between the countries.

Sarah Seliman made a 40 minute documentary with women living in Cairo - both Egyptians and foreigners - talking about the harassment they face on the street on a daily basis.
Artwork depicting funeral of Mahmoud Taleghani
A History of Violence

Moments of death, crime scenes and mourning: Iranian artist Azadeh Akhlaghi reconstructs and freezes dramatic turning points in her country’s history. Do they also conceal a message for Iran's current leaders?

A 2013 reception in front of the Burj Al-Arab.
The Art World Goes East

Once known as a dusty construction site, Dubai and the wider Gulf has risen to become one of the art world’s new centres, a link between East and West, and a platform for regional artists to receive international exposure.

Saba Barnard
Portraits Of Islam

Saba Chaudhry Barnard's paintings are brightly-coloured, loud and gleeful, with no shortage of gold and kitsch. But the US-Pakistani painter is interested more than just colour - her portraits of Muslim women turns clichés on their head.

Manga drawings from Libya
Manga Production in Libya

What the manga scene in Libya lacks for in size, it makes up for in passion. Nureddin al-Houni scouted for talented people who wanted to take matters into their own hands. The result: their own magazine.

Sahar Mohamed Foad
New Fashionistas and Bloggers

A vibrant fashion scene is flourishing between Casablanca, Cairo and Riyadh. But it isn’t glossy magazines that are setting the trends and leading the way - it’s a new wave of young designers and fashion bloggers.

The Satirst Karl Sharro AKA Karl reMarks
Interview with Karl Sharro

After Brexit and Trump, polarisation of Western politics is beginning to resemble sectarianism in his native Lebanon says satirist Karl Sharro aka Karl reMarks.