Fifth round of the zenith Photo Award Libya Uncharted
Libyan photographers show all facets of sport in their country. With their lenses they followed young athletes during training and document the atmosphere at competitions.
An entry from the fifth round of the Libya Uncharted photo award
Interview about cinema in Egypt
Interview about cinema in Egypt

Egyptian director Youssef Chahine challenged the status quo and shattered taboos. Today, filmmakers Marianne Khoury and Alia Ayman experience censorship on many different levels. But nevertheless, their vision of cinema is finding its own voice.

First round of the zenith Photo Award Libya Uncharted
What does Libyan identity look like? From the beauty of the desert to the coast, from tea ceremonies to horse racing, from ancient monuments to colourful costumes, Libyans from across the country captured a wide variety of what makes Libya.
The many facets of Libyan identity
Vintage Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Photo Archive ‘Vintage Addis Ababa’

Ethiopia sees rapid change – so what can we learn form a collection of pictures of every-day Addis Ababa citizens during the 1940s to the 1980s? Anna-Theresa Bachmann discusses this with Wongel Abebe, who recently launched ‘Vintage Addis Ababa’.

Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed
Interview with Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed is to Afghanistan what Beyoncé is to the US. zenith talked to the singer about folklore, selfies and the Taliban.

Bedan el-Sisi is played on every street-corner of Cairo
Subtle Freedoms in Egypt

A children’s game named after the president’s testicles is the latest outlet for popular dissent in Egypt.

Stade Radès in Tunis at the Tunisia-Libya world cup qualification match.
Football in a War Zone

In Libya, football is a rare space without political issues and free of tension.

One of the photographs by France Keyser in her series 'French and Muslim', the winner of the professional category.
The 2017 zenith Photo Award

The search for identity and the poetry of everyday life were captured by photographers in the zenith Photo Award, with the theme Islam in Europe. The winners were announced at a ceremony in Berlin.