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Emin Milli on Azerbaijan, Armenia and Karabakh

What are the chances for real peace after the recent Karabakh war?

Emin Milli über Aserbaidschan, Armenien und Karabach
Interview with Naseef Naeem on constitutions in the Arab world
Interview with Naseef Naeem on constitutions in the Arab world

Legal scholar Naseef Naeem on his new book “The State and Its Foundations in the Arab Republics”, the pitfalls of European notions of democracy, and why the real challenge for global legal standards arises further east.

Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia
Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia

An Iranian-Saudi war along sectarian lines could spell doom for Pakistan and could put its Shia minority into a stranglehold. The first priority for foreign policy should be to mitigate this, and quickly.

Zillur Rahman
Fake news and elections: Zillur Rahman on media and politics in Bangladesh

His daily political talk show is watched by millions of Bangladeshis every day. Renowned TV host Zillur Rahman about the upcoming elections, fake news, and a repressive new media law.

‘The Americans fear it’s Saigon all over again’
Interview on Afghanistan and the Taliban with Anatol Lieven

Peace on the ground and a government on the brink of collapse: Veteran Afghanistan specialist Anatol Lieven makes sense of the conflicting news from Afghanistan–and sheds light on what the Taliban are really up to.