What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
by Anam Gill

Imran Khan’s election day victory fed off the hopes and dreams of my generation. Still, he relies on the power pillars of the past. That’s bad news for democracy in Pakistan.

Israel and the Syrian crisis
Israel and the Syrian crisis

Israel cannot accept the Iranian settlement on Syrian soil only a few kilometers from the border. IDF airstrikes in response to the Iranian rocket salvo headed for the Golan Heights attest to a regional strategic shift.

Hassan Rouhani
Iranian regional security policies: the cases of Iraq and Syria

Focussing on domestic economic development is the best way to prevent Iran from playing a destructive role in the region. The JCPOA remains key to that goal.

An aerial view over Tehran.
Interview with Khajehpour about protests in Iran

Iran is currently experiencing the largest wave of upheaval since the Green Movement in 2009. We asked Iran analyst Dr. Bijan Khajehpour why people are taking their anger to the streets and how European policy makers should tackle the crisis

The so-called Islamic State has lost the major part of its former territories.
The Islamic State Is In Flux

The Islamic State is militarily on its knees. But it is striving for an ideological relaunch. 

A fighter of the YPG doing a backflip from a vehicle.
Life in Rojava

In northern Syria, the PYD, an offshoot of the PKK, is propagating nothing less than the construction of a new society – and not only for the Kurds. But will this brand of democratic confederalism work in practice?

Yemeni Soldiers. The war in Yemen is seen by some as a war between Saudi Arabia and proxies of Iran.
The Sparring of Iran and Saudi Arabia

Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting for supremacy in the Middle East. At least most European media outlets constitute this narrative. But is this really the true situation?

Transitional Justice in Tunisia

Signs that Tunisia’s political elites want to abandon its transitional justice process is leading some to rue a missed chance for the truth-telling and reform the country bitterly needs.