Since 1999, zenith has provided its readers in Germany and Europe with a unique portal into the Middle East and North Africa region – and beyond. At a time when events in the region have global ramifications, zenith has expanded its coverage in English and Arabic to bring forward lively conversation between cultures and societies, focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Arab world.

zenith takes its name from the point in the day when the sun reaches its highest. At this moment shadows fall shorter, lighting up what had been covered in darkness – the moment of greatest clarity. This is the guiding theme for zenith’s coverage. By providing in-depth, independent reporting and a platform for debates, zenith is challenging the prejudices, intolerance and conspiracy theories which all too often fuel conflict and social discord, while raising awareness of social justice, racial and gender equality, and personal self-determination.

zenith’s reporting aims to break down complex topics. We cover important stories before they make global headlines, and we continue reporting after the world’s attention has moved on. With long-form features, photojournalism, video and analysis, we prove that creativity, journalism and eloquence can be reconciled with academic thoroughness. Our authors span the region, and we invite contributions from diverse voices and perspectives.