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Drift Racing in Libya

Drift racing is one way to burn off frustrations in Benghazi, and drifters are a passionate lot, determined to race even when the war was raging.

A drift race in Benghazi.
The Wakhan Valley
Walking The Wakhan Valley Mountain Range

In a hidden corner of central Asia, surrounded by two mountain ranges and four countries, lies the Wakhan Valley. Once upon a time, Marco Polo traversed this valley; today, not even the Taliban make it here...

Youth near the Ebu Bekir mosque in Pazardjik.
Inequality Among Roma in Bulgaria

The threat of radicalisation of Roma is often raised by politicians and media commentators in Bulgaria. But economic exclusion makes Roma communities open to gestures of friendship or financial support, giving radical groups a target.

Boats tied up in Zarzis
Tribes In Tunisia

Long neglected by the country’s rulers, tribes in southern Tunisia have been both enriched and altered by changes in trade flows and smuggling across the Libyan border.

Clouds in the Armenian sky
Remembering the Armenian Genocide

The dead do not sleep: A journey through a country in which only one thought is stronger than the belief that no genocide took place – the fear that it actually did.

Nahed Hattar's Assassination

The assassination of Christian author Nahed Hattar in Amman, in September 2016, sparked intense reactions across Jordanian society, highlighting the growing influence of radical Islam and Jor