Interview with author David Ranan on anti-Semitism

David Ranan has spent years researching attitudes of Muslims in Germany. In this interview, he elaborates on differing roots of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East and proposes a two-way educational strategy to face prejudices and hatred.

Interview with author David Ranan on anti-Semitism
The harvest this year in the Bekaa Valley was rich.
A Model Farm

In the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, Europeans and Syrians have created an organic farm, distributing seeds and know-how in the hope of rekindling old farming practices in Syria.

Lilas Hatahet, a Syrian refugee, journalist and separated mother of two boys, sits on the train on her way back home after finishing her work day in Copenhagen where she’s working as a Media Advisor.
Syrians in Europe

The war in Syria rages on, but many Syrian refugees have built new lives for themselves in Europe. Here are three stories about starting from scratch.

Football fans in Iran
A Beautiful Game in Iran?

Persepolis FC Tehran and Esteghlal are the two biggest football clubs in the country. The Iranian regime has come to view football as a useful tool, a circus for the masses.


Not only local fisherman suffer from the predrying of Lake Urmia: Salt and dust also severely affect regional farms and their farmland.
Interview with Ecologist Naghmeh Mobarghaee

Severe sandstorms, record-breaking heatwaves: Iran is experiencing climate change. Ecologist Naghmeh Mobarghaee explains how Iran’s largest inland body of water nearly disappeared, and the role of environmentalism in Iranian society and politics.

A Lybian School in Egypt
Libyans Barred Refugee Status in Egypt

Egypt is home to around 5,200 Libyan families. Most of them fled their country during the 2011 uprisings. Lately Expatriates are facing a rise in bureaucratic hurdles, making life in Egypt increasingly harder for them