Men repair a bridge near Mosul, Iraq.
Iraq’s dire economic state

After over a year of ongoing protests throughout Iraq, the economy is in worse conditions than ever. Can Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s interim government prevent total collapse?

Hotel Le Bristol Beirut
Lebanon’s legendary hotels are forced to shut down as the economy falters

Beirut’s legendary Le Bristol Hotel survived wars, occupation and political crises - then this year’s financial crisis struck. The Grand Hotel’s closure trains the spotlight on a tourism sector teetering on the brink of extinction.

Eco Khalleh
Preserving Lebanon’s Food Security

The economic crisis threatens the sustenance of Lebanon’s population. Could a growing number of local agricultural initiatives offer a potential solution to the country’s long-term food security?

Cashing in on Libya’s division
Financial reforms, the oil sector and militias in Libya

Libya’s militias solidify their grip on power–at the expense of the public. Can a new set of reforms change the equation as Libyans all over the country struggle to make ends meet?

A view of the skyline in Doha, Qatar's capital.
Other Lessons of the Qatar Crisis

If Saudi Arabia and its allies can’t get their recalcitrant neighbour to budge, does that mean Qatar won the blockade crisis? It’s a tempting conclusion, but the reality of interconnectedness in the Gulf paints a different picture.

A mural of Chokri Belaid, a politician assassinated in 2013.
The Economic Effects of Transitional Justice

Signs that Tunisia’s political elites want to abandon its transitional justice process is leading some to rue a missed chance for the truth-telling and reform the country bitterly needs.