Frescoes in the Syrian monastery Deir Mar Musa
Christianity and Freedom of Religion in the Middle East

Many countries in the Middle East allegedly guarantee freedom of religion as a constitutional right. In practice, this freedom is often nothing but illusory, as politicians simply override the judiciary.

Gilles Kepel and the Middle East
Gilles Kepel and the Middle east
‘The Americans fear it’s Saigon all over again’
Interview on Afghanistan and the Taliban with Anatol Lieven
What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
by Anam Gill
Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed
Interview with Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed
Press Review
Russia-Backed Military Offensive in Syria's Daraa
How the Media Reacts to the Daraa Offensive in Syria
Hassan Rouhani
Iranian regional security policies: the cases of Iraq and Syria
The Hagia Sophia. In its almost 1500 years of existence, it has been a a highly politicised symbol for different abrahamic religions and sects.
Past Religious Populism
Religious Ideas once again become a defining factor for identity