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Mona Shahien is the founder of Tahrir Lounge@Goethe.
The Tahrir Lounge@Goethe in Egypt
The Al Jazeera newsroom in Doha.
Al Jazeera and Arab Journalism
A public lecture at the Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity, founded by a group of Turkish academics who were fired from their official positions
Academics Suffer Under Turkey’s Post-Coup Crackdown
Trash from Beirut's landfills is being dumped into the sea, ending up on beaches and in fishermen's nets.
Interview with Constanze Flamme
A view of the skyline in Doha, Qatar's capital.
Pyrrhic Manoeuvres Among the Gulf States
The female inpatient department at MSF cholera treatment center in Khamer, north of Sana'a in west Yemen.
The Humanitarian Cost of the War in Yemen
Exhibition opening in the gallery Athr in Jeddah.
The Art of Transforming Saudi Arabia
An elderly couple relax on Gleem Beach.
Identity and Corruption in Alexandria