Interview with Iraqi poet Umar Abdul Nasser
Iraqi poet Umar Abdul Nasser on Mosul, Poland and Weimar

Iraqi poet and multimedia performer Umar Abdul Nasser speaks to zenith about performing in a Mosul basement under ISIS, making life-long friends in Poland and finding fresh inspiration in the footsteps of Goethe.

Four Arabic-language films have been nominated for one of this year’s Academy Awards
Four Films from The Arab World Nominated for an Oscar

No less than four Arabic-language films have been nominated for one of this year’s coveted Academy Awards. We showcase the contenders in 2020, plus a couple of movies that didn’t make the cut.

Slim Kim
Libyan DJ Slim Kim talks about rapping under Gaddafi

The Libyan DJ, and onetime host of Tripoli’s longest radio show, Slim Kim speaks to zenith about the perils of rapping under Gaddafi, the pioneering station Radio Zone, and the healing power of music.

Steel wool art display in front of ancient ruins near Shahhat in northeastern Libya
zenith photo award Libya Uncharted

Winners and jury members reflect on the power of photography through the zenith photo award Libya Uncharted

Heba Y. Amin
Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin discusses a toxic German legacy

Heba Y. Amin talks to Calum Humphreys about her recent exhibition “Fruit from Saturn”. They discuss Germany’s toxic legacy of land mines in North Africa, the modern autocrat’s fascination for megaprojects, and walking watermelons through Cairo.

Russia, Islam and History
Russia, Islam and History

Fearing supposed ethnic replacement and Islamisation, the German Right looks longingly towards Russia. What kind of ahistorical myopia is that?

Fifth round of the zenith Photo Award Libya Uncharted
Libyan photographers show all facets of sport in their country. With their lenses they followed young athletes during training and document the atmosphere at competitions. The project was supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.
Interview about cinema in Egypt
Interview about cinema in Egypt

Egyptian director Youssef Chahine challenged the status quo and shattered taboos. Today, filmmakers Marianne Khoury and Alia Ayman experience censorship on many different levels. But nevertheless, their vision of cinema is finding its own voice.