Calum Humphreys

Interview with Palestinian politician Mustafa Bargouti

In 2005 he was the only serious challenger to Mahmud Abbas. Mustafa Barghuthi explains to zenith why the constant postponement of elections weakens Ramallah's position - and why he calls Israel's Palestinian policy apartheid.

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Interview with leading Fatah member Rawhi Fattouh

In 2005, Rawhi Fattouh oversaw the transition power following the death of Yasser Arafat. The leading Fatah politician tells zenith why Mahmoud Abbas’ succession has dragged on so long – and why Israel would be wise to accept the two-state solution.

EU, Security and Elections in Palestine

What happened to all of last year’s talk surrounding a possible election date in Palestine? One its most fervent cheerleaders was the EU, but their ongoing securitised agenda in Palestine means that elections do not equate to democracy.

Die EU, Wahlen und Sicherheit in Palästina
Interview mit tunesischer Musikerin Neysatu
Interview with Tunisian singer Neysatu

Neysatu, the queen of the Tunisian underground music scene, speaks to zenith before her latest concert in Berlin about rediscovering her Amazigh heritage, her musical Africanity, and the perils of performing under Ben Ali’s dictatorship.

Corona and prisons in the Middle East
The Corona pandemic and prisons in the Middle East

As the spread of COVID-19 pushes more and more people into self-isolation, those who are already locked up from North Africa to the Gulf face becoming a hotbed for the virus.

Interview with Meryam Joobeur, director of ‘Brotherhood’
Interview with Meryam Joobeur, director of ‘Brotherhood’

Meryam Joobeur, director of the Oscar-nominated short film, ‘Brotherhood’, talks about how a chance encounter in rural Tunisia spawned a powerful collaboration, the renaissance in Tunisian cinema, and why young people find themselves drawn to ISIS.

Feras Fayyad, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘The Cave’
Feras Fayyad, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘The Cave’

Feras Fayyad, the director of the Oscar-nominated documentary, ‘The Cave’, speaks to zenith about seeing the future of Syria in his female protagonist, surviving torture in Assad’s cells, and facing discrimination in the USA and Denmark.

Interview with Iraqi poet Umar Abdul Nasser
Iraqi poet Umar Abdul Nasser on Mosul, Poland and Weimar

Iraqi poet and multimedia performer Umar Abdul Nasser speaks to zenith about performing in a Mosul basement under ISIS, making life-long friends in Poland and finding fresh inspiration in the footsteps of Goethe.