Agacli countryside
The Environmental Cost of Job Creation

With construction underway on Istanbul’s third airport, nearby villagers wonder whether the environmental cost of creating new jobs is too high.

Ani, a national emblems for Armenia, remains achingly out of reach to modern Armenians.
The Decay of an Ancient Armenian Village in Turkey

Located within binocular-viewing distance of the Armenian border, the Turkish historical ruin of Ani stands as a site of possible reconciliation between bitter foes. But politicization and a lack of preservation suggest otherwise.

Sketches of those who died in Suruç appeared in Ozgur Genclik
Life for Pro-Kurdish Organisations Gets Harder After the Coup

In July 2015 its members were killed when a suicide bomber's detonation ripped through a crowd of youth activists in the city of Suruç in southern Turkey. Now members of the pro-Kurdish youth organisation SDGF are under attack from their own government.