Mat Nashed

US sanctions, the Revolutionary Guards and the Corona pandemic in Iran

Iran’s health care system is at a breaking point. While doctors accuse a powerful institution of diverting critical gear, the US government is stonewalling and seems to be pursuing a perfidious strategy.

Corona pandemic in Iran
Demining in Libya
Demining in Libya

Mines and unexploded ordnances pose a threat at every step of the way. Efforts to dispose of the remnants of war aim to reclaim safe spaces–and a common ground for shared experiences for Libyans from all parts of the country.

Libya’s War on Journalism

Since the revolution in Libya, journalists have been attacked for exposing militia crimes. Several have been murdered, and dozens have fled. But some in exile refuse to stay silent.

Mohammad Al-Zway and Ragab Benghuzzi in the Al Aesema station in Tripoli in 2013. They have since left Libya over concerns about their safety.
Designer Khaled Bader drawing a mural in the new Tanarout centre.
Cultural Space in Benghazi

In conservative Benghazi the cultural space Tanarout has become a haven from the war, a space where boys and girls can escape growing extremism and the rampant unemployment induced by the ongoing conflict.

Zahra Langhi, a Libyan exile and human rights defender.
Profile of Zahra Langhi

A social activist in exile in Cairo, the story of Zahra Langhi and her family is interwoven with the modern history of Libya.

Libya's Banned Book Launch in Tripoli
Young Writers Speak of Their Libya

An anthology of work from 25 young Libyan writers has created a scandal in Libya due to claims of obscenity. Now many of the writers fear for their lives.

Khaled Mohammad speaking in Cairo. A member of the al-Qadhadhfa tribe he fled Libya after the revolution, and is unsure if he will ever return.
Gaddafi Loyalists Struggle for Relevance

Since the revolution in Libya, Gaddafi loyalists and members of his tribe have been marginalised. Some have chosen exile and wonder if they can ever return home.

Agrimatic's farm on the outskirts of Cairo.
Startups and Entrepreneurship in Egypt

A team of 16 young Egyptian economists has come together to spread awareness about the economy while figuring out ways to empower startups in the country.