Isolation Facilities for Refugees on Samos

Inhumane conditions and inadequate handling of the pandemic are rampant in isolation facilities for refugees on the Greek island of Samos, as camp residents recount.

Isolation Facilities for Refugees on Samos
Detention Centers in Libya
Detention Centers in Libya

Many of those who seek refuge in Europe find themselves stranded in a Libya at war with itself. Women and daughters await the results of the UN’s resettlement lottery on mattresses amid the bombs. While husbands and sons face forced conscription.

The Sahara desert region of Fezzan in Libya.
Italy’s Intervention in Libya’s South

Southern Libya, a human trafficking hotspot, has long been overlooked. Italy is now trying to tackle the problem, but faces the region’s political vacuum and its booming black market.

Inside Libya's Migrant Detention Centres
Earlier this year, French photographer Guillaume Binet gained rare access to three Libyan detention centres where migrants - many from Sub-Saharan Africa - are held, on their desperate attempt to flee war, famine or hardship at home.
The Palestinian ghetto of Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon.
Statelessness in Lebanon

Palestinians and Syrian refugees in Lebanon live as second-class citizens, paying the price for a politics obsessed by religious denomination and origin.

Migration Camps in Libya
Photographer Ricardo García Villanova visited detention centres in Misrata, Libya which are home to many African migrants, both those who are trying to travel to Europe, and those who were rounded up after the revolution.