Alessandra Bajec

Libyans seeking healthcare in Tunisia
Libyans looking for healthcare in Tunisia

With crumbling healthcare infrastructure in Libya, many people travel abroad for treatment. Tunisia is the nearest destination, but a weak Libyan economy and slow payments by the Ministry of Health have affected the ability of Libyans to get care.

Instability in Libya and security threats for Tunisia

While Tunisia has struggled with its own security concerns and economic problems since the 2011 revolution, ongoing instability in Libya poses a continued threat.

The gun ship
Tahrir Square in Cairo. Since 2013, Egypt has experienced extremist attacks in its major cities and on the Sinai Peninsula, most recently the 24 November mosque attack that killed more than 300 worshippers.
Civil War Libya and its Spillover to Egypt

Egyptian terror groups are plotting attacks from Libya, while arms smuggling across the border provides weapons to insurgents across the county. Cracking down will be difficult for Egypt’s president.

The Sahara desert region of Fezzan in Libya.
Italy’s Intervention in Libya’s South

Southern Libya, a human trafficking hotspot, has long been overlooked. Italy is now trying to tackle the problem, but faces the region’s political vacuum and its booming black market.

Sallum, a border town between Egypt an Libya
Reading Egypt’s Policy on Libya

Egypt has long thrown its weight behind Khalifa Haftar in Libya, but there are signs that it is opening the door to dialogue with his rivals. Will they listen?

A 'We love Manchester' sign hanging on the Didsbury Mosque, where the Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi had worshipped.
After the Manchester Bombing

In the aftermath of the bombing at the Manchester Arena in May, Libyans in the city have stood together with the wider community in the face of terrorism, amid anti-Muslim hate crime.