Florian Guckelsberger

The Islamic State and Salafi ideology in Afghanistan

The Islamic State is hunting down Afghanistan's Shia - and the looming peace settlement between the government and the Taliban could worsen the situation. Is the country about to be split along religious fault lines?

The Islamic State and Salafi ideology in Afghanistan
Irakische Armee
Interview with Iraqi pollster Munqith Daghir

Munqith Daghir runs the Iraqi polling organization IIACSS. The rise of the so-called Islamic State (IS) could have been predicted, he believes. He shares what to expect from the newly formed government and why the S in IS matters more than the I.

Downtown Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.
Interview with Wided Bouchamaoui

Her family’s economic empire profited from Ben Ali’s policies. Then the Arab Spring came and Wided Bouchamaoui wanted to be on the right side of history. A discussion about whether and how Tunisia’s down-for-the-count economy can be saved. 

The Ministry of Interior in downtown Tunis.
Interview with I Watch Founder Achref Aoudi

A leaked recording from a Tunisian business magnate revealed plans to smear I Watch, an anti-corruption NGO. Apart from bringing corruption into the public eye, it also emboldened I Watch, says its founder Achref Aoudi

Selling fuel at the road-side
Poverty and Crime Rise in Post-Revolution Tunisia

Smuggling and jihad are among the few ways to make money in central Tunisia. Post-revolution the situation has grown even more dangerous and desperate.