Statelessness in Libya

Tens of thousands of stateless people live in Libya. Successive governments have been holding out the prospect of citizenship to them for decades - and complicate everything ever more.

Statelessness in Libya
zenith-Briefing: Ein libysches Jahrzehnt
zenith Briefing on Libya and the Arab Spring

How did Libya’s society change during the last ten years? What are the prospects of a political consensus to stop the war? How do regional conflict and local dynamics in different parts of the country align?

Libysche Milizen auf Patrouille
How to make the Berlin Conference on Libya a success

Libya’s warring factions, and their international backers, converge on Berlin today in a bid to end the country’s latest civil war. Here’s what it takes for the conference to be a success.

The fight for Tripoli is in full swing
Turkey’s Intervention and the fight for the Libyan capital Tripoli

The fight for the Libyan capital enters a decisive phase. President Serraj has his back to the wall and it will probably fall to Turkey to save Europe’s partner from the enemy at the gates.

Slim Kim
Libyan DJ Slim Kim talks about rapping under Gaddafi

The Libyan DJ, and onetime host of Tripoli’s longest radio show, Slim Kim speaks to zenith about the perils of rapping under Gaddafi, the pioneering station Radio Zone, and the healing power of music.

Steel wool art display in front of ancient ruins near Shahhat in northeastern Libya
zenith photo award Libya Uncharted

Winners and jury members reflect on the power of photography through the zenith photo award Libya Uncharted