Mirco Keilberth

Turkey’s Intervention and the fight for the Libyan capital Tripoli

The fight for the Libyan capital enters a decisive phase. President Serraj has his back to the wall and it will probably fall to Turkey to save Europe’s partner from the enemy at the gates.

The fight for Tripoli is in full swing
Muhammad Al-Skir of the Libyan coast guard.
Finding Profit in Libya's Frayed State

Unscrupulous smugglers are taking advantage of the lawlessness of Libya, transforming the country into a gigantic transit zone for all kinds of goods. Their actions are endangering the prospect of a peaceful future on the North African coast.

Life In a Shuttered Refugee Camp in Tunisia

Once a crowded transit camp, today the shuttered Choucha refugee facility is home to a small hardcore group of emigrés, hoping vainly for legal passage to a new life.

Begging for water at the Shousha campsite
Ahmad Kassar used to run a soap factory in Aleppo; in Amman he struggled to find work.
Many Refugees Struggle to Access Work

While Syrians that flee to Jordan or surrounding countries can take solace from having fled the horrors of war, difficulties in accessing labour markets or starting their own enterprise mean they have to subsist on aid.

An empty room used by migrants
Migrants Facing Danger on the Road to the Mediterranean

In Libya, African migrants run into Jihadis, xenophobia and organised crime. Encounters with passage-makers and people smugglers between the Sahara and the Mediterranean.