Democracy in Lebanon and Iraq
Democracy in Lebanon and Iraq

Have the Middle East’s only two experiments in consociationalism failed? Demonstrators in both Lebanon and Iraq are demanding a change of their respective political systems. Yet, there are differences between the situations in the two countries.

‘The Americans fear it’s Saigon all over again’
Interview on Afghanistan and the Taliban with Anatol Lieven

Peace on the ground and a government on the brink of collapse: Veteran Afghanistan specialist Anatol Lieven makes sense of the conflicting news from Afghanistan–and sheds light on what the Taliban are really up to.

What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
What Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan’ mean for minorities
by Anam Gill

Imran Khan’s election day victory fed off the hopes and dreams of my generation. Still, he relies on the power pillars of the past. That’s bad news for democracy in Pakistan.

An aerial view over Tehran.
Interview with Khajehpour about protests in Iran

Iran is currently experiencing the largest wave of upheaval since the Green Movement in 2009. We asked Iran analyst Dr. Bijan Khajehpour why people are taking their anger to the streets and how European policy makers should tackle the crisis

Zahra Langhi, a Libyan exile and human rights defender.
Profile of Zahra Langhi

A social activist in exile in Cairo, the story of Zahra Langhi and her family is interwoven with the modern history of Libya.

The Carthage Byrsa School in Tunis.
Post-Revolution Reform in Tunisia

In a country of social unrest, high youth unemployment and ever-present terrorist threats, improving its education system should be the priority for Tunisia. But education reform hit a rocky patch under the rule of an inconstant minister.

The NGO Watching Tunisian Politics

Watchdog al-Bawsala is a rare example of an NGO operating to bring transparency to political processes and engage ordinary citizens in a region wracked by government crackdowns.