Urban Planning in Turkey
Urban Planning in Turkey

Instead of planning new megaprojects, Istanbul’s new administration vows to improve the quality of life and to include its inhabitants in the decision-making process of urban redesign.

Morocco’s Mirage of Socioeconomic Change
The Noor Power Station in Ouarzazate

The Nour Solar Power Station was supposed to kickstart Morocco’s energy revolution and boost local economy. Now, residents feel abandoned and cheated and accuse the government of land-grabbing.

Algeria: The Perils of Pregnancy under a Dysfunctional Healthcare System
Algeria’s Dysfunctional Healthcare System

Algerian soon-to-be mothers go through terrifying experiences while navigating the country’s overburdened healthcare system that deals with both workforce and material shortages.

Why Many Lebanese cannot let go of the Past
Memory and Politics in Lebanon

Three decades after the end of the Civil War, Lebanese society is still divided along sectarian lines. The younger generation strives to change their parents’ mindset.

Lebanon's Health System in a Critical State
Hospitals and healthcare in Lebanon

Hospitals in Lebanon are sounding the alarm. As liquidity dries up and imports decrease, supplies are running out. Patients and medical staff are paying the price.

Lebanon's forgotten space program
Lebanon in Space

A glimpse into Lebanon’s forgotten space programme – when the sky was no limit to Lebanese ambition.

Lebanon's Shrinking Armenian Community
Lebanon's Shrinking Armenian Community

The explosion in the port of Beirut hit Bourj Hammoud hard. But as residents recover, the true extent of the damage is only now becoming clear as many of the neighbourhood’s residents contemplate leaving Lebanon for good.

Rebels With a Green Cause
Cancellation of the Bisri Dam Project in Lebanon and its effect on other NGOs

The cancellation of the Bisri dam project is a stunning victory for Lebanon’s environmental activists. And they have no intention of stopping.