Cracks in Beirut’s Foundations
Infrastructure in Lebanon after the Blast

The 4 August explosion rocked the city’s historical neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze so severely, it has left experts and inhabitants wondering if their most precious buildings can be saved at all.

Islamic Charity amid the Corona Pandemic
Islamic Charity amid the Corona Pandemic

Giving back to those in need in the good and the most trying of times: A photo essay through the acts of one Sufi community in the UK and Germany.

MEA Beirut
Amidst Corona and the economic crisis, young Lebanese leave home

The country’s history has been shaped by successive waves of emigration, but the current crisis seems to leave young Lebanese with no hope of return.

Sudan’s Unfinished Revolution
One Year after the Massacre in Sudan’s Capital Khartoum

On 3 June 2019, Sudanese security forces massacred hundreds of demonstrators. Memories of anger and desperation among those revolutionaries who survived run deep. Can they help to build a democratic future for Sudan?

From Prison to Lockdown in Lebanon
From Prison to Lockdown in Lebanon

By the time a judge acquitted Adam Ramer* of drug-related charges, the 28-year-old had already spent just over 21 months in pre-trial detention. More than half of the country’s inmates suffer a similar fate. How can this be?

The Islamic State and Salafi ideology in Afghanistan
The Islamic State and Salafi ideology in Afghanistan

The Islamic State is hunting down Afghanistan's Shia - and the looming peace settlement between the government and the Taliban could worsen the situation. Is the country about to be split along religious fault lines?

Shady Habash
Death of Shady Habash

The death of filmmaker Shady Habash makes author Wael Eskandar think of a friend who goes by the same first name - and of how the Egyptians deal with injustice and loss.

Christoph Sydow
Obituary: Christoph Sydow

A keen-eyed observer of the Middle East who asked the right questions and found answers to many of them. A sportsman you could rely on. But above all, our dear friend and colleague. We mourn Christoph Sydow.