No justice for women killed in Gaza
Femicide in Palestine

In the shade of the Palestinian Law, women in the Gaza strip are killed twice: Once by murdering them and a second time by citing inexistent evidence, allowing perpetrators to walk away with impunity.

Protests in Algeria
Interview on the 2nd anniversary of the Hirak movement in Algeria

After a year of protests, bans on assembly were imposed in Algeria in March 2020 in order to contain the pandemic. Journalist Lyas Hallas explains why the Hirak is now back on the streets – and what the protest movement is till lacking.

Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
by Suha Oda

Four years after the end of IS rule in Mosul, war trauma, social pressure, and lacking infrastructure push women to the edge. An investigation into what drives female suicides in Iraq’s second biggest city – and how to turn the tide.

Tunisian children in Syria’s camps
Tunisian children in Syria’s camps

Tunisian children growing up in camps for IS combatants are burdened by the sins of their parents. Despite being victims of terrorism, Tunisia brands them as terrorists. They dream of going back home, but their home country does not want them.

Emin Milli on Azerbaijan, Armenia and Karabakh

What are the chances for real peace after the recent Karabakh war?

The Future of Karantina
Beirut after the Blast

Six months after the Beirut blast, much has been rebuilt in one of the city’s worst damaged neighborhoods, but hope is still in short supply.

Gabrielle and her mother Jacqueline Khoury
Social welfare institutions in Lebanon

Lebanon’s social welfare institutions face the unknown, as the country grapples with financial and economic crises.

Urban Planning in Turkey
Urban Planning in Turkey

Instead of planning new megaprojects, Istanbul’s new administration vows to improve the quality of life and to include its inhabitants in the decision-making process of urban redesign.