Jonathan Dagher

Lebanese diaspora in France

The 2019 protest movement and the Beirut port explosion galvanised political activism in the Lebanese diaspora. But the deepening crisis in Lebanon also puts them in a bind.

Lebanese Diaspora in France
Infrastructure in Lebanon after the Blast

The 4 August explosion rocked the city’s historical neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze so severely, it has left experts and inhabitants wondering if their most precious buildings can be saved at all.

Cracks in Beirut’s Foundations
Hotel Le Bristol Beirut
Lebanon’s legendary hotels are forced to shut down as the economy falters

Beirut’s legendary Le Bristol Hotel survived wars, occupation and political crises - then this year’s financial crisis struck. The Grand Hotel’s closure trains the spotlight on a tourism sector teetering on the brink of extinction.

From Prison to Lockdown in Lebanon
From Prison to Lockdown in Lebanon

By the time a judge acquitted Adam Ramer* of drug-related charges, the 28-year-old had already spent just over 21 months in pre-trial detention. More than half of the country’s inmates suffer a similar fate. How can this be?