Walter Posch

Organised Crime in Turkey

The top dogs of the Turkish underworld can be found at the nexus of the country’s governmental and security elite. Pushing drugs has never been so political.

Organisierte Kriminalität in der Türkei
Corona in der Türkei und Iran
Iran and Turkey and the Corona Pandemic

Semi-authoritarian regimes throughout the Middle East are looking for ways to combine the fight against coronavirus, populism and crisis management – and to weaken their opponents. To that end, Iran and Turkey are treading a similar path.

Drone Attacks against Saudi Aramco and the Role of Iran

The story of who really attacked the Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia has taken strange turns. The anti-Iran axis fails to stay on message. And yet Trump, the Houthis, Tehran and even the Saudis all have at least something positive to take away.

Drone Attacks against Saudi Aramco and the Role of Iran
Razzia gegen kurdische Bürgermeister in der Türkei
Crackdown on Kurdish mayors in Turkey

The purge of HDP-led councils in southeastern Turkey ultimately raises the stakes for restarting negotiations. And that explains why the Kurds paid the price for it.

Hassan Rouhani
Iranian regional security policies: the cases of Iraq and Syria

Focussing on domestic economic development is the best way to prevent Iran from playing a destructive role in the region. The JCPOA remains key to that goal.