Drones and the War between Israel and the Hamas
Drones and the War between Israel and the Hamas

All attention is currently focused on the deployment of Hamas missiles and their defense by the Israeli Iron Dome system. In fact, however, Hamas already appears to be deploying a new, even more insidious weapon: Kamikaze drones.

Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen
State Fragmentation in Yemen

While the international community is discussing peace initiatives for Yemen, the situation on the ground continues to fragment. An overview of who is fighting whom and why in Yemen.

zenith-Briefing: Ein libysches Jahrzehnt
zenith Briefing on Libya and the Arab Spring

How did Libya’s society change during the last ten years? What are the prospects of a political consensus to stop the war? How do regional conflict and local dynamics in different parts of the country align?

Cyber Security
Attacks on Fireeye, Solarwind, Orion

In Europe, people do not yet realize the scale of the recent cyber attacks on the US. Calls for retaliation are growing louder. Counterattacks are now just a matter of time.

Elections and Unification Talks in Cyprus
Elections and Unification Talks in Cyprus

After the October elections in Northern Cyprus, the vision of a federation of Greeks and Turks is off the table. This is the story of how the opportunity to unite the Mediterranean island has been missed.

The White Sea and why it no longer exists
Column by Daniel Gerlach, zenith editor-in-chief: Battle over the Mediterranean

For a long time, the Mediterranean was a battleground exclusively for European and other Western powers. These days it is becoming crowded.

The Far Right and the Middle East
The Far Right and the Middle East

Donald Trump will leave the White House, but the alliance of autocrats in the Middle East with the far right in the West is here to stay.

Sinjar Caught in the Crossfire
Iraq, Sinjar and the Militias

As Iraqi militia groups vie for military and political ascendency throughout the country, the vulnerable northern region of Sinjar presents an opportunity to gain the upper hand.