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Aden, 2015. The port town in Yemen was reduced to rubble, ravaged by the incessant shelling of the Houthi militia that had surrounded the city
Interview with Guillaume Binet
The Assad family, which has ruled Syria for almost half a century, is from the Alawite sect.
Sectarian Identity and Image in Syria
Taking chances
Bottom-up Development
The Roman amphitheatre in downtown Amman, Jordan.
Preventing and Reducing Violent Extremism
Traffic in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. From next year, women will be allowed to drive.
Life in the Kingdom of Men
A house in Yehud, in central Israel, destroyed by a Hamas-launched rocket in 2014
Averting the Middle East’s Next Big War
zenith Photo Award 2017
Libya's Banned Book Launch in Tripoli
Young Writers Speak of Their Libya