The Hagia Sophia. In its almost 1500 years of existence, it has been a a highly politicised symbol for different abrahamic religions and sects.
Past Religious Populism
Religious Ideas once again become a defining factor for identity
Rural-Tourism in Northern Morocco
An aerial view over Tehran.
Interview with Khajehpour about protests in Iran
The so-called Islamic State has lost the major part of its former territories.
The Islamic State Is In Flux
On its knees, ISIS is striving for an ideological relaunch.
Yemeni Soldiers. The war in Yemen is seen by some as a war between Saudi Arabia and proxies of Iran.
The Sparring of Iran and Saudi Arabia
The mountains of the Rif are best known for the cultivation of marijuana, but contain walking tracks with spectacular outlooks and unique wildlife. Rural tourism operators are trying to attract more hikers from Europe to admire the views.
Rural Tourism in the Rif Mountains