Saudi Arabia

A view of the skyline in Doha, Qatar's capital.
Pyrrhic Manoeuvres Among the Gulf States

They thought they could break tiny Qatar with bluster and pressure. But now as the Gulf crisis stretches on, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates may be doing more damage to themselves than to Qatar.

The female inpatient department at MSF cholera treatment center in Khamer, north of Sana'a in west Yemen.
The Humanitarian Cost of the War in Yemen

Damaged infrastructure and shortage of medicines in Yemen have created a perfect storm for the spread of cholera.

Exhibition opening in the gallery Athr in Jeddah.
The Art of Transforming Saudi Arabia

Slowly but surely, Saudi Arabia is changing. For the country’s artists, it can’t come soon enough.

A drift race in Benghazi.
Drift Racing in Libya

Drift racing is one way to burn off frustrations in Benghazi, and drifters are a passionate lot, determined to race even when the war was raging.