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Interview with the captain of the women’s national football team in Libya

Footballer Fadwa El-Bahi led the Libya women’s national team through the civil war and the crossfire of religious hardliners. A conversation about courageous women and coward associations.

Egyptian labourers in Libya
Egyptian labourers in Libya

Egyptian laborers have been facing kidnapping and murder just to be able to make a living in Libya. While some Egyptians decided to stay, others have returned to Egypt. And some have even returned home only to go back to Libya again.

The gun ship
Children of Tunisian IS fighters in Libyan prisons

Dozens of Tunisian minors born to ‘Islamic State’ fighters remain in Libyan prisons despite repeated calls by family members to bring them home.

The War in Libya and the Battle for Tripoli
The War in Libya and the Battle for Tripoli

As foreign arms fuel the conflict for control of Libya’s western capital, the mood in Tripoli is one of defiance – and resignation.

Libyans seeking healthcare in Tunisia
Libyans looking for healthcare in Tunisia

With crumbling healthcare infrastructure in Libya, many people travel abroad for treatment. Tunisia is the nearest destination, but a weak Libyan economy and slow payments by the Ministry of Health have affected the ability of Libyans to get care.

A militia man with a Libyan flag in downtown Tripoli.
Libya's youth and the experience of revolution and civil war

Libya’s youth came of age in an era quite unlike that of their parents, experiencing first the euphoria of revolution, then the descent into bloodshed and anarchy.

The gun ship
Instability in Libya and security threats for Tunisia

While Tunisia has struggled with its own security concerns and economic problems since the 2011 revolution, ongoing instability in Libya poses a continued threat.

First round of the zenith Photo Award Libya Uncharted
What does Libyan identity look like? From the beauty of the desert to the coast, from tea ceremonies to horse racing, from ancient monuments to colourful costumes, Libyans from across the country captured a wide variety of what makes Libya.