Lebanese Diaspora in France
Lebanese diaspora in France

The 2019 protest movement and the Beirut port explosion galvanised political activism in the Lebanese diaspora. But the deepening crisis in Lebanon also puts them in a bind.

The Future of Karantina
Beirut after the Blast

Six months after the Beirut blast, much has been rebuilt in one of the city’s worst damaged neighborhoods, but hope is still in short supply.

Gabrielle and her mother Jacqueline Khoury
Social welfare institutions in Lebanon

Lebanon’s social welfare institutions face the unknown, as the country grapples with financial and economic crises.

Why Many Lebanese cannot let go of the Past
Memory and Politics in Lebanon

Three decades after the end of the Civil War, Lebanese society is still divided along sectarian lines. The younger generation strives to change their parents’ mindset.

Lebanon's Health System in a Critical State
Hospitals and healthcare in Lebanon

Hospitals in Lebanon are sounding the alarm. As liquidity dries up and imports decrease, supplies are running out. Patients and medical staff are paying the price.