Press Review
Russia-Backed Military Offensive in Syria's Daraa

The Assad regime moves to bomb opposition-held Daraa province into submission. The US and Israel stand on the sidelines, while Jordan is grappling with the next wave of refugees. A press review on the regional repercussion of the Daraa offensive.

Israel and the Syrian crisis
Israel and the Syrian crisis

Israel cannot accept the Iranian settlement on Syrian soil only a few kilometers from the border. IDF airstrikes in response to the Iranian rocket salvo headed for the Golan Heights attest to a regional strategic shift.

A house in Yehud, in central Israel, destroyed by a Hamas-launched rocket in 2014
Averting the Middle East’s Next Big War

Recent history is littered with accidental wars. If war breaks out between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran could join the fray, with catastrophic consequences.

An Israeli gun boat passes through the Straits of Tiran near Sharm El Sheikh
Helmut Mejcher Interview

Despite Israeli commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, what was a strategic victory from a military standpoint created many of the political problems that contemporary Israel still grapples with, argues historian Helmut Mejcher.

At the Sodastream plant
Bubbling Tensions in the West Bank

Foreign firms in Israeli settlements in the West Bank are the object of much international criticism. SodaStream, the global leader in carbonated water, packed its bags and relocating to the Negev Desert. Was this a success for Palestinians?