Human rights

Shady Habash
Death of Shady Habash

The death of filmmaker Shady Habash makes author Wael Eskandar think of a friend who goes by the same first name - and of how the Egyptians deal with injustice and loss.

Interview with Wolfram Lacher

European governments are accused of complicity in human rights violations in Libya. Their actions are also reducing the country's chances for political stability, believes Wolfram Lacher of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs.

Since the summer of 2016, Libya has become the number one transit country for illegal migration into Europe. Here, a group of migrants who have been rescued by a MSF vessel.
Traffic in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. From next year, women will be allowed to drive.
Life in the Kingdom of Men

An interview with Manal Al-Sharif, who was arrested in Saudi Arabia for daring to defie the kingdom’s edicts against female drivers, forcing her to flee the country of her birth.

Bassel Khartabil
The Agony of Syria's Prisons

Bassel Khartabil was an influential internet figure and activist in the Syrian revolution. Imprisoned, his wife Noura Ghazi Safadi clung to hope that he would survive.

Bashar al Assad poster
Propaganda and the Palmyra Military Prison

The extremist Islamic State group has exploited its takeover and destruction of the Palmyra military prison for its propaganda purposes. To understand why this has been so effective, one needs to look back at what happened there in the summer of 1980.