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zenithTalk: Dina Abdel Fatah

Research suggests that the number of Egyptian women who are simultaneously employed, married and a mother – as well as happy – is shockingly low, just three per cent of

zenithTalk: Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar

Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar had a comfortable life with a successful job, until a carjacking on the road to Cairo caused him to re-evaluate everything.

zenithTalk: Sally Hafez Bahgat

Air pollution is a major killer in Egypt, with as many as 35,000 Egyptians dying each year from unclean air. Sally Hafez Bahgat wants to reverse the trend by planting more trees. 

zenithTalk: Waleed Abd El Rahman

Working from home offers new economic opportunities for women in Egypt, believes startup boss Waleed Abd El Rahman.

zenithTalk: Khaled Bouchoucha

Khaled Bouchoucha is the founder of IRIS Technologies, the first company in Tunisia to use technology to boost beekeepers’ productivity. 

zenithTalk: Mehrad Abdolrazagh

Mehrad is managing director of Zoodfood, Iran’s leading food delivery platform.

zenithTalk: Nihel Chabrak

Nihel Chabrak of the United Arab Emirates University talks about efforts to advance the UAE's knowledge economy.   

Musical interlude at zenithTalk

Dury De Bagh performed live at the 2015 zenithTalk event in Berlin. Part one.