Iraqi Kurds at Belarus-Poland Border

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has often been lauded as the island of stability, security and prosperity in an otherwise troubled country. But why do so many people seek to leave, even at tremendous financial costs and risk to their lives?

Why so many Kurds are leaving Iraq`s KRG
Interview on Yazidis in Iraq
Interview on Yazidis in Iraq

Yazidi community leader Harman Mirza Saeed Bek on the quest for Yazidi political representation in Iraq – and the fears unleashed by the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
by Suha Oda

Four years after the end of IS rule in Mosul, war trauma, social pressure, and lacking infrastructure push women to the edge. An investigation into what drives female suicides in Iraq’s second biggest city – and how to turn the tide.

Men repair a bridge near Mosul, Iraq.
Iraq’s dire economic state

After over a year of ongoing protests throughout Iraq, the economy is in worse conditions than ever. Can Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s interim government prevent total collapse?

Sinjar Caught in the Crossfire
Iraq, Sinjar and the Militias

As Iraqi militia groups vie for military and political ascendency throughout the country, the vulnerable northern region of Sinjar presents an opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Kurz Erklärt: Regierungsbildung im Irak
Government Formation in Iraq

For five whole months Iraq has waited for a new government – will Mustafa al-Kadhimi be the one to break the deadlock? The prime minister designate has limited room to manoeuvre. But Tehran is feeling the pressure, too.