Candid Journalism Grant

World Food Programme in Yemen
World Food Programme in Yemen
by Ali Salem

The theft of aid and the failure to deliver food to the most needy is not only due to the presence of armed groups, but is related to chronic imbalances that most UN agencies operating in Yemen have suffered since before the outbreak of the war.

Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
by Suha Oda

Four years after the end of IS rule in Mosul, war trauma, social pressure, and lacking infrastructure push women to the edge. An investigation into what drives female suicides in Iraq’s second biggest city – and how to turn the tide.

Tunisian children in Syria’s camps
Tunisian children in Syria’s camps

Tunisian children growing up in camps for IS combatants are burdened by the sins of their parents. Despite being victims of terrorism, Tunisia brands them as terrorists. They dream of going back home, but their home country does not want them.

Gabrielle and her mother Jacqueline Khoury
Social welfare institutions in Lebanon

Lebanon’s social welfare institutions face the unknown, as the country grapples with financial and economic crises.

Morocco’s Mirage of Socioeconomic Change
The Noor Power Station in Ouarzazate

The Nour Solar Power Station was supposed to kickstart Morocco’s energy revolution and boost local economy. Now, residents feel abandoned and cheated and accuse the government of land-grabbing.

Algeria: The Perils of Pregnancy under a Dysfunctional Healthcare System
Algeria’s Dysfunctional Healthcare System

Algerian soon-to-be mothers go through terrifying experiences while navigating the country’s overburdened healthcare system that deals with both workforce and material shortages.