Bashar al-Assad

Press Review
Russian Media on Syria and Bashar al-Assad

Many consider Russia to be behind the latest round of regime infighting. But does a recent flurry of articles in Russian media criticising Assad really suggest that the Kremlin’s attitudes towards the Syrian president are cooling?

Umayyad Square in Damascus
Solving the Syrian Conflict

Europe needs to be more actively engaged to help bring about peace in Syria, writes Michel Duclos.

Hagia Sophia
Confronting the Middle East’s Bloody Past

Without a proper appraisal of the past, the violence in Middle East will continue to echo throughout the region and cause ever greater devastation.

Bashar al Assad poster
Propaganda and the Palmyra Military Prison

The extremist Islamic State group has exploited its takeover and destruction of the Palmyra military prison for its propaganda purposes. To understand why this has been so effective, one needs to look back at what happened there in the summer of 1980.