Interview with analyst Anahit Shirinyan on Armenia

In 2018, the “velvet revolution” turned Armenia’s political landscape upside down. Political analyst Anahit Shirinyan talks about the intricacies of manoeuvring between Russia, Iran and the US and kickstarting the peace process in Nagorno Karabakh.

Interview with analyst Anahit Shirinyan on Armenia
An elderly couple relax on Gleem Beach.
Identity and Corruption in Alexandria

As Alexandria – Egypt’s second city – removes public access to beaches along its shoreline, citizens grapple with what it means to be Alexandrian in a city where the sea has defined identity.

Clouds in the Armenian sky
Remembering the Armenian Genocide

The dead do not sleep: A journey through a country in which only one thought is stronger than the belief that no genocide took place – the fear that it actually did.

Hayk Khatchataryan and his daughters
Migration Politics in Nagorno-Karabakh

More and more Syrians are settling in Nagorno-Karabakh, supported by Armenian communities, opening a new dimension in the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan. Syrians may be pawns in this conflict, even as they attempt to begin new lives.

Ani, a national emblems for Armenia, remains achingly out of reach to modern Armenians.
The Decay of an Ancient Armenian Village in Turkey

Located within binocular-viewing distance of the Armenian border, the Turkish historical ruin of Ani stands as a site of possible reconciliation between bitter foes. But politicization and a lack of preservation suggest otherwise.