These photos were taken as part of a project I designed myself to teach photography to Muslim women to try to give them a new tool to express themselves visually and to gain some empowerment. Moreover, this project was meant to improve coexistence in diversity by giving these women the chance to break negatives stereotypes about Islam locally (Bilbao, Spain) and globally. The photos are a mix of their photos and my photos.

Retrograde, intolerant, patriarchal, rigid, inflexible, unequal, dictatorial, unfair, judgemental, manipulative, devaluating, harassing, ignorant...Luckily none of this is the true Islam; Unfortunately, some Muslims are like this.By Oihana Marco
"I am a modern religious person who lives in a world that does not accept that but I am happy with my choice. For me, there is a law in life, and if we do not touch it, there are no failures and there is no punishment."By Oihana Marco
"Three years and a month ago I began the legal process to bring my daughter from Morocco to Spain. The baby is growing and she says "mum" to anyone who is nice with her.By Oihana Marco
"I am the Queen of my life, of my decisions. My vital backpack is loaded with my roots, my smiles, my beliefs in a free soul and a big heart where all people fit without distinction of color, borders, beliefs or guilts."By Oihana Marco
"This is my Spanish family with whom I share my life in Bilbao.By Oihana Marco
"I am a Moroccan born in Spain and a Muslim. I am traditional but progressive, modest but sensual, and an art and fashion lover. All this is considered contradictory in both cultures but without all those things I would be lost."By Oihana Marco

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