Muslims - Has Opinion Changed on Them Since 2006?

Muslims - Has opinion changed on them since 2006? In February 2006, Reggio Emilia, the city where I live and work, was the only Italian city to allow Muslims to protest against cartoons that satirised Prophet Mohammed. There was a peaceful demonstration, where participants declared that they wanted peace and respect towards the Prophet. I was the only photographer (not professional) who went in the middle of the demonstrators to photograph the event. The event aroused many protests by the right-wing and populist political parties. It struck me that the people who protested were embarrassed, as are those who are not used to protesting.

Since then, no Islamic protests have taken place and unfortunately, the massacre of Charlie Hebdo in Paris has canceled democratic and civil protest. Today, these pictures appear to be part of a forgotten history, but, I think, the Muslim people should make their voices heard in a peaceful manner against terror and violence committed in the name of religion.

People who work in Italy, who live a normal life, I thought while taking these photos.By Domenico Giannantonio
This person was seeing me, I thought: 'why?'By Domenico Giannantonio
Who was this person? Why was he hidden behind dark glasses?By Domenico Giannantonio
"Islam" says the writing. What does it mean? I don't remember if the phrase was complete.By Domenico Giannantonio
This young person was the head of the all protesters. I thought he was an Imam or a very important person for them.By Domenico Giannantonio
A small child, who appeared crushed by adults.By Domenico Giannantonio
Elegant young people, happy to take part in the protest.By Domenico Giannantonio
Women protesting; They seemed embarrassed, but they were present and this is positive.By Domenico Giannantonio
The order service was very present to avoid any kind of problems.By Domenico Giannantonio
He protested in Italian and Arabic.By Domenico Giannantonio
Young and old, united behind the same purpose.By Domenico Giannantonio
And the more time I spent in their midst, the more they reminded me of the Italian workers of the '70s.By Domenico Giannantonio

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