Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
by Suha Oda

Four years after the end of IS rule in Mosul, war trauma, social pressure, and lacking infrastructure push women to the edge. An investigation into what drives female suicides in Iraq’s second biggest city – and how to turn the tide.

Suicide among Iraqi women in Mosul
Algeria: The Perils of Pregnancy under a Dysfunctional Healthcare System
Algeria’s Dysfunctional Healthcare System

Algerian soon-to-be mothers go through terrifying experiences while navigating the country’s overburdened healthcare system that deals with both workforce and material shortages.

Interview with Yumna Al-Arashi on Islam and Femininity and the body
Interview with Yumna Al-Arashi on Islam, femininity and the body

Acclaimed photographer Yumna Al-Arashi on her focus on the female body, the beauty of positive Islamic imagery, and her increasing sense of estrangement from photography.

Training der Frauennationalmannschaft
Interview with the captain of the women’s national football team in Libya

Footballer Fadwa El-Bahi led the Libya women’s national team through the civil war and the crossfire of religious hardliners. A conversation about courageous women and coward associations.

Sarah Seliman made a 40 minute documentary with women living in Cairo - both Egyptians and foreigners - talking about the harassment they face on the street on a daily basis.
Harassment in Egypt

Visual artist Sarah Seliman created a photography and documentary project about harassment of women in public spaces in Cairo; but it took a visit to Germany to reveal the difference in social gender perceptions between the countries.

Saba Barnard
Portraits Of Islam

Saba Chaudhry Barnard's paintings are brightly-coloured, loud and gleeful, with no shortage of gold and kitsch. But the US-Pakistani painter is interested more than just colour - her portraits of Muslim women turns clichés on their head.