How to make the Berlin Conference on Libya a success

Libya’s warring factions, and their international backers, converge on Berlin today in a bid to end the country’s latest civil war. Here’s what it takes for the conference to be a success.

Libysche Milizen auf Patrouille
The war in Libya drags on
Tripoli under siege and the real cost of the Libyan war

As Haftar’s latest assault on the Libya capital enters a new phase, many Libyans have been killed, displaced and left mentally traumatised by a conflict which grinds on with no end in sight.

An Israeli gun boat passes through the Straits of Tiran near Sharm El Sheikh
Helmut Mejcher Interview

Despite Israeli commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, what was a strategic victory from a military standpoint created many of the political problems that contemporary Israel still grapples with, argues historian Helmut Mejcher.

Life On Board a Libyan Gun-Ship
Life on board the Assameeda may seem like a scene out of a stag party, but its crew is on the frontline in the fight against ISIS in Libya.
Living Under ISIS Occupation in Iraq

As coalition forces in Iraq liberate towns and cities from ISIS, the toll of living under ISIS occupation for ordinary citizens is revealed.

A White Helmets volunteer in Aleppo
Saluting the Heroism of the White Helmets

As the situation in Aleppo descends deeper into darkness, Sam Alrefaie honours the astonishing bravery of the White Helmets volunteer group – a front-line rescue force amidst the rubble and ruin.