The Assad regime on the offensive in Syria’s Idlib
The Assad regime on the offensive in Syria’s Idlib

The situation in Idlib remains dire. Idlib-native Merna Alhasan, spoke to zenith about the recent assaults on the city, covering the story as a female journalist, and how the Assad regime controls the narrative on the war in Syria.

Turkey, Syria, the Kurds and Russia
Turkey, Syria, the Kurds and Russia

Turkey’s interests and the goal of autonomy in northeastern Syria can be reconciled. And Russia has the chance to assume the responsibility it has aspired to for so long, argues Naseef Naeem.

Razzia gegen kurdische Bürgermeister in der Türkei
Crackdown on Kurdish mayors in Turkey

The purge of HDP-led councils in southeastern Turkey ultimately raises the stakes for restarting negotiations. And that explains why the Kurds paid the price for it.

Interview mit Fabrice Balanche über den Kampf um Idlib und die Türkei und Russland in Syrien
The crisis in Idlib and Syrian between Turkey, Iran and Russia

Nearly a million people are caught up between the battle lines in Idlib. French Syria expert Fabrice Balanche explains why Russia’s deal with Erdoğan failed, and yet Moscow still holds all the cards.

A public lecture at the Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity, founded by a group of Turkish academics who were fired from their official positions
Academics Suffer Under Turkey’s Post-Coup Crackdown

Fired from their university jobs after signing a petition calling for peace, a group of Turkish academics from the town of Izmit have founded their own academy and are continuing to teach.

Clouds in the Armenian sky
Remembering the Armenian Genocide

The dead do not sleep: A journey through a country in which only one thought is stronger than the belief that no genocide took place – the fear that it actually did.

Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to President Erdoğan.
The Journalist Who Stood Up to Erdoğan
by Lisa Neal

Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to Turkey’s President Erdoğan. After imprisonment, a work ban and an assassination attempt, he had to leave Turkey. Exile in Berlin has opened up new opportunities.

Hagia Sophia
Confronting the Middle East’s Bloody Past

Without a proper appraisal of the past, the violence in Middle East will continue to echo throughout the region and cause ever greater devastation.