Conflict Resolution and Prevention

In the Middle East in particular, a hybrid order is taking shape. It is time for international diplomacy to implement new, more inclusive and holistic tools that address the conflicts of today and tomorrow, argues Spanish diplomat Ramon Blecua.

Twitter, Facebook and censorship in Egypt
The Rise of Digital Feudalism
Democracy, Technology and the Future of Society

How states respond to the ongoing pandemic risks rendering their citizens serfs in a new digital Middle Ages. Ramon Blecua calls on political leaders not to close the door on the coronavirus by opening the door to Big Tech.

Niama El Bassunie, the CEO of WaystoCap, says she encourages entrepreneurs in Morocco to consider business ideas that can help resolve paint points across the African continent.
Morocco’s Tech Treps Pick Their Market

Rather than the lucrative markets of Europe, it is the fast-growing markets of West Africa that beckon for tech entrepreneurs in Morocco.

Technology startups have a massive potential to change the Middle East, believes Fadi Ghandour.
Interview with Fadi Ghandour

With the Middle East business landscape being steadily transformed by technology, tech start-ups are an opportunity for a new generation to empower itself through innovation says Fadi Ghandour.

zenithTalk: Mohamed Hamada

Mohamed Hamada, the founder of Ennota in Egypt, has created SME business software that even illiterate people can use. 

zenithTalk: Ramzi El-Fekih

Ramzi El-Fekih is the founder and CEO of CREOVA, a provider of mobile finance solutions.

zenithTalk: Ehssan Dariani

Ehssan Dariani, founder of StudiVZ was the guest speaker at the 2015 zenithTalk in Berlin.