The so-called Islamic State has lost the major part of its former territories.
The Islamic State Is In Flux

The Islamic State is militarily on its knees. But it is striving for an ideological relaunch. 

The harvest this year in the Bekaa Valley was rich.
A Model Farm

In the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, Europeans and Syrians have created an organic farm, distributing seeds and know-how in the hope of rekindling old farming practices in Syria.

Lilas Hatahet, a Syrian refugee, journalist and separated mother of two boys, sits on the train on her way back home after finishing her work day in Copenhagen where she’s working as a Media Advisor.
Syrians in Europe

The war in Syria rages on, but many Syrian refugees have built new lives for themselves in Europe. Here are two stories about starting from scratch.

The Assad family, which has ruled Syria for almost half a century, is from the Alawite sect.
Sectarian Identity and Image in Syria

The modern view of Alawites in Syria has been largely shaped by their relation to its rulers.

Candid co-founder Katja Brinkmann (1969-2017).
Obituary for Katja Brinkmann

Katja Brinkmann was an Arabist who explored the Middle East of all ages. She hoped that, one day, she could write another history of Syria. We mourn our dear friend, colleague and co-founder.

Umayyad Square in Damascus
Solving the Syrian Conflict

Europe needs to be more actively engaged to help bring about peace in Syria, writes Michel Duclos.

Bassel Khartabil
The Agony of Syria's Prisons

Bassel Khartabil was an influential internet figure and activist in the Syrian revolution. Imprisoned, his wife Noura Ghazi Safadi clung to hope that he would survive.

A video still from a speech given by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIL, on July 5, 2014, in his first public appearance as the leader of the militant group, at a mosque in Mosul, Iraq.
Assessing Russian Claims About Al-Baghdadi's Death

Despite claims by the Russian military, there are a number of good reasons to believe the leader of ISIL is not dead, writes Amir Musawy