EU, Security and Elections in Palestine

What happened to all of last year’s talk surrounding a possible election date in Palestine? One its most fervent cheerleaders was the EU, but their ongoing securitised agenda in Palestine means that elections do not equate to democracy.

Die EU, Wahlen und Sicherheit in Palästina
Corona and prisons in the Middle East
The Corona pandemic and prisons in the Middle East

As the spread of COVID-19 pushes more and more people into self-isolation, those who are already locked up from North Africa to the Gulf face becoming a hotbed for the virus.

The gun ship
Instability in Libya and security threats for Tunisia

While Tunisia has struggled with its own security concerns and economic problems since the 2011 revolution, ongoing instability in Libya poses a continued threat.

A technocrat with an unorthodox streak - Iraqi PM Abdul Mahdi
New Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi

Branded as a compromise candidate, Iraq’s new Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has made a bold entrance, issuing a number of unorthodox policy proposals. But will his nomination trigger a sustained momentum before the euphory fades away?