Israeli Policies, Palestinians and Apartheid

Today, apartheid is not a hypothetical or future scenario. A 54-year-occupation is not temporary. The threshold has been crossed. Apartheid, and parallel persecution, is the reality for millions of Palestinians.

Israeli Policies, Palestinians and Apartheid
Interview with Palestinian politician Mustafa Bargouti

In 2005 he was the only serious challenger to Mahmud Abbas. Mustafa Barghuthi explains to zenith why the constant postponement of elections weakens Ramallah's position - and why he calls Israel's Palestinian policy apartheid.

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Interview with leading Fatah member Rawhi Fattouh

In 2005, Rawhi Fattouh oversaw the transition power following the death of Yasser Arafat. The leading Fatah politician tells zenith why Mahmoud Abbas’ succession has dragged on so long – and why Israel would be wise to accept the two-state solution.

Die EU, Wahlen und Sicherheit in Palästina
EU, Security and Elections in Palestine

What happened to all of last year’s talk surrounding a possible election date in Palestine? One its most fervent cheerleaders was the EU, but their ongoing securitised agenda in Palestine means that elections do not equate to democracy.

Interview with Human Rights Watch’s Omar Shakir
Interview with Human Rights Watch’s Omar Shakir

Human Rights Watch’s Omar Shakir speaks to zenith about what his recent deportation from Israel means for human rights defenders on the ground in the region, and why Israel’s human rights record is worse than ever.

The Palestinian ghetto of Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon.
Statelessness in Lebanon

Palestinians and Syrian refugees in Lebanon live as second-class citizens, paying the price for a politics obsessed by religious denomination and origin.

At the Sodastream plant
Bubbling Tensions in the West Bank

Foreign firms in Israeli settlements in the West Bank are the object of much international criticism. SodaStream, the global leader in carbonated water, packed its bags and relocating to the Negev Desert. Was this a success for Palestinians?