Why so many Kurds are leaving Iraq`s KRG
Iraqi Kurds at Belarus-Poland Border

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has often been lauded as the island of stability, security and prosperity in an otherwise troubled country. But why do so many people seek to leave, even at tremendous financial costs and risk to their lives?

MEA Beirut
Amidst Corona and the economic crisis, young Lebanese leave home

The country’s history has been shaped by successive waves of emigration, but the current crisis seems to leave young Lebanese with no hope of return.

Italien Libyen
Libya’s Italians

50 years ago, Muammar Gaddafi expelled 20,000 Italian settlers from Libya. Today they could build new bridges, once they clarify their colonial past.

African migrants in Tunisia
African migrants in Tunisia

At Tunisia’s only existing refugee centre, scores of illegal migrants are trying to move on from their cursed journeys through Libya.

The harvest this year in the Bekaa Valley was rich.
A Model Farm

In the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, Europeans and Syrians have created an organic farm, distributing seeds and know-how in the hope of rekindling old farming practices in Syria.