Inside Libya's Migrant Detention Centres
Earlier this year, French photographer Guillaume Binet gained rare access to three Libyan detention centres where migrants - many from Sub-Saharan Africa - are held, on their desperate attempt to flee war, famine or hardship at home.
In Libya many militia groups profit from holding migrants in detention; the country's lawlessness has contributed to a humanitarian disaster.
A Kurdish wedding
Syrian and Kurdish Émigrés in St Petersburg

Kurdish migrants in Saint Petersburg are watching the situation in the Middle East carefully, not least because a new influx of Syrian migrants could disrupt their settled way of life.

Syrian Musicians Search for the Perfect Gig

The band Khebez Dawle have survived war in Syria, success in Beirut, a perilous journey on dinghy and by foot through the Balkans to seek asylum in Germany. But they insist they are not fleeing, but instead, on tour...

Khebez Dawle