French Syria expert Fabrice Balance on IS, the Kurds and Turkey
French Syria expert Fabrice Balance on IS, the Kurds and Turkey

The recent attack on al-Hasaka prison shows that the Islamic State group (IS) could be staging a comeback. French Syria expert Fabrice Balanche explains the new strategy of IS and how Turkey is trying to take advantage.

Iraq, Sinjar and the Militias

As Iraqi militia groups vie for military and political ascendency throughout the country, the vulnerable northern region of Sinjar presents an opportunity to gain the upper hand.

Sinjar Caught in the Crossfire
Razzia gegen kurdische Bürgermeister in der Türkei
Crackdown on Kurdish mayors in Turkey

The purge of HDP-led councils in southeastern Turkey ultimately raises the stakes for restarting negotiations. And that explains why the Kurds paid the price for it.

A fighter of the YPG doing a backflip from a vehicle.
Life in Rojava

In northern Syria, the PYD, an offshoot of the PKK, is propagating nothing less than the construction of a new society – and not only for the Kurds. But will this brand of democratic confederalism work in practice?

A displaced Yazidi farmer who chose Mount Sinjar over a camp in the autonomous Kurdish region after ISIS stormed his village.
Outsiders Tussle Over the Yazidis’ Homeland

After the terror of ISIS, returning home is still a distant prospect for thousands of Yazidis. Now they have become pawns as Baghdad and Erbil bicker over their homeland of Sinjar.

A Kurdish wedding
Syrian and Kurdish Émigrés in St Petersburg

Kurdish migrants in Saint Petersburg are watching the situation in the Middle East carefully, not least because a new influx of Syrian migrants could disrupt their settled way of life.