Obituary: Christoph Sydow

A keen-eyed observer of the Middle East who asked the right questions and found answers to many of them. A sportsman you could rely on. But above all, our dear friend and colleague. We mourn Christoph Sydow. 

Christoph Sydow
Mohammad Al-Zway and Ragab Benghuzzi in the Al Aesema station in Tripoli in 2013. They have since left Libya over concerns about their safety.
Libya’s War on Journalism

Since the revolution in Libya, journalists have been attacked for exposing militia crimes. Several have been murdered, and dozens have fled. But some in exile refuse to stay silent.

Young Writers Speak of Their Libya

An anthology of work from 25 young Libyan writers has created a scandal in Libya due to claims of obscenity. Now many of the writers fear for their lives.

Libya's Banned Book Launch in Tripoli
Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to President Erdoğan.
The Journalist Who Stood Up to Erdoğan
by Lisa Neal

Can Dündar is best known as the journalist who stood up to Turkey’s President Erdoğan. After imprisonment, a work ban and an assassination attempt, he had to leave Turkey. Exile in Berlin has opened up new opportunities.