Enabling Innovation in Egypt

While Egypt’s economy has suffered in the aftermath of the revolution in 2011 and on-going political tumult, entrepreneurs are tapping into new market trends and using innovative solut

zenithTalk: Mohamed Hamada

Mohamed Hamada, the founder of Ennota in Egypt, has created SME business software that even illiterate people can use. 

zenithTalk: Ramzi El-Fekih

Ramzi El-Fekih is the founder and CEO of CREOVA, a provider of mobile finance solutions.

zenithTalk: Ehssan Dariani

Ehssan Dariani, founder of StudiVZ was the guest speaker at the 2015 zenithTalk in Berlin.

zenithTalk: Rania Rada

Rania Reda is the founder and CEO of ITQAN, which in Arabic means “perfection”.

Agrimatic's farm on the outskirts of Cairo.
Startups and Entrepreneurship in Egypt

A team of 16 young Egyptian economists has come together to spread awareness about the economy while figuring out ways to empower startups in the country.

A community school in Cairo
Seizing New Opportunities in Egypt

As the most populous market in the Arab world, Egypt presents plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs – but they must be prepared to chart their own course around inflexible bureaucrats and numerous obstacles.

In Rami Kadi’s latest collection, ‘Standing In the Shadow of Women’, black leather and silicone coexist with lace and florals, offset by brightly-coloured sequins.
Fashion Forward in the Middle East

Fashion is synonymous with luxury in the MENA region, but a new cohort of designers are helping to shift the balance away from Western labels to locallly grown high­-end brands, inspired by traditional aesthetics and materials.