Morocco’s Tech Treps Pick Their Market

Rather than the lucrative markets of Europe, it is the fast-growing markets of West Africa that beckon for tech entrepreneurs in Morocco.

Niama El Bassunie, the CEO of WaystoCap, says she encourages entrepreneurs in Morocco to consider business ideas that can help resolve paint points across the African continent.
Technology startups have a massive potential to change the Middle East, believes Fadi Ghandour.
Interview with Fadi Ghandour

With the Middle East business landscape being steadily transformed by technology, tech start-ups are an opportunity for a new generation to empower itself through innovation says Fadi Ghandour.

Startups Try to Get Ahead in Egypt

Ahmed Wadi’s startup Money Fellows digitises the rotating savings and credit association (ROSCO) model. To launch to the next level, he’s looking for VC funding and regulatory approval.

Mona el Sayed
zenithTalk: Mona El Sayed

Fair Trade Egypt helps create value for thousands of Egyptian artisans producing goods across the country.

zenithTalk: Sally Hafez Bahgat

Air pollution is a major killer in Egypt, with as many as 35,000 Egyptians dying each year from unclean air. Sally Hafez Bahgat wants to reverse the trend by planting more trees. 

zenithTalk: Waleed Abd El Rahman

Working from home offers new economic opportunities for women in Egypt, believes startup boss Waleed Abd El Rahman.

zenithTalk: Mehrad Abdolrazagh

Mehrad is managing director of Zoodfood, Iran’s leading food delivery platform.

zenithTalk: Nihel Chabrak

Nihel Chabrak of the United Arab Emirates University talks about efforts to advance the UAE's knowledge economy.